Bread and Boxer

One early morning in 2008, two friends woke up in a hotel on the other side of the Atlantic.  Their baggage had been lost.  Although this morning had not started out very well, it turned out to be the morning Bread and Boxers was born.  Bread and Boxers started out as an extension of the mini bar; a life saver for travelers.  After a successful launch of underwear in hotel rooms, guests started to ask where they could find their new favorite underwear in stores closer to them.  In the spring of 2011, Bread and Boxers extended their offerings on a retail level with everyday basics for men, and are available in select stores in Europe.  When we discovered the understated extreme quality and comfort of their wares, we knew that we needed to carry this brand at The Garage Custom Shop.



Affliction Clothing was launched in 2005 by a group of four individuals, however, it is now solely controlled by one of the original founders, Courtney Dubar.  While the company’s roots run deep in the MMA community, their “Live Fast” motto appeals to audiences who appreciate a number of things, such as rock-and-roll, motocross, tattoos, and the car and motorcycle racing community.  Over the years, Affliction has produced collaborative shirts with many bands, like Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath, Megade th, Pantera, Korn, Staind, and many more.  Today, Affliction offers a full product line of jeans, t-shirts, and pull-over shirts that can be purchased at The Garage Custom Shop.


Cockpit USA

Cockpit USA brand is built on the firm foundation of an affinity for leather, aviation, and an all-American heritage.  It was in the early seventies when founder, Jeff Clymann, was taking a flight in a WWII airplane while wearing his father’s Army Air Corps jacket.  He found himself bombarded by people wanting to know where they could get a jacket like that one.  Founded in 1975, Cockpit has had a vibrant history.  They are currently a contractor to the United States’ government, supplying the military with various products, such as the current-issue A2 pilot’s jacket.  Cockpit is a name synonymous with authenticity and a strong sense of American legacy. The Cockpit clothing lifestyle has been adopted by many celebrities, such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, Steven Spielberg, Steve McQueen, Tom Selleck, Jerry Seinfeld, Leonard Nimoy, Dan Aykroyd, P-Diddy, Hugh Jackman, Sharon Stone, Christina Aguilera, President Bush, and most recently, Cockpit clothing has even been worn by Beyonce!


Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger is a company from Sheffield, England, that sets the standard for impeccable grooming with some of the world’s finest shaving accessories.  Founded in 1988, their unique appeal has a lot to do with Neal Jagger, the company’s founder, who designs each piece with a painstaking eye toward detail and the utilization of top-quality materials.  Edwin Jagger exemplifies traditional English style, combined with state-of-the-art design and the heritage of centuries-old Sheffield craftsmanship.


Lucky Brand

When Gene Montesano (63) and Barry Perlman (57) launched Lucky Brand blue jeans in 1989, it was almost unheard of to charge seventy dollars for denim pants.  But, they understood fashion and the zeitgeist.  Their jeans were designed with an irreverent sense of humor that bucked the politically-correct 1990’s, and they appealed to rock-and-roll stars and their audiences.  In 1999, they sold the business to Liz Claiborne, who has kept the brand true to its roots. Lucky jeans are made for the free thinker, the artist, and the dreamer.  Their inspiration doesn’t just come from the rugged work ware of denim pioneers, but from the free spirit and laid back lifestyle of their southern California roots.   Inspiration is found from the Big Sur to the old school tattoo parlors of Venice and the beautiful beaches of Malibu.  They reference art and photography, old and new, to create truly unique pieces that you’ll wear over and over again.