Anyone that's visited or lived in New Orleans quickly realizes that there are just no other American cities with the same authentic soul. New Orleans is both violent and caring at the same time, full of life and death, that are both celebrated to their fullest. The city is sultry, bawdy, decadent, dirty, and sometimes violent, yet it's oozing with culture and class. A hot, sticky, roux of music, food, poverty, and wealth, creates a way of life that is soon felt as a void in one's soul after leaving this truly unique place. New Orleans is many things to many people, but it ain't no Disneyland - it's the real deal! Perhaps it’s the way the city makes no apologies for itself that endears it to so many. NOLA Exile is a brand borne out of a lifetime relationship with the Crescent City, offering specially crafted limited run items for those who feel an unbreakable connection to the city, even when they find themselves elsewhere.